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Dutch Rosenberg is one of the most respected musicians in Phoenix AZ I’ve known Dutch for 10 Years I had the opertunity to interview Dutch to talk about Music, and Memories along with having some fun & alot of humor enjoy! Hanamen FestSteven: When did you first play Guitar?

Dutch Rosenberg:  1989

Steven: What was the first song you learned?

Dutch Rosenberg: Poison’s Half Of “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” before I spent the next several hours VOMITING Uncontrollably.

Steven: Wow I feel your pain.

Dutch Rosenberg: It was my own damn fault. Luckily I discovered SLAYER later on, and all is now well.

Steven: WOOOOOOOOOOOOO What’s your favorite Slayer Album?

Dutch Rosenberg: Reign In Blood. Period. Seasons In The Abyss, however runs a respectable second.

Steven: Who were you influenced by to become a Guitarist & what other types of Music do you enjoy?

Dutch Rosenberg: Really anything. It started basically enough: in high school my first big inspiration was Joe Satriani, and he was the real reason I wanted to play Guitar. His Surfing With the Alien album is so inventive, and at the time was cutting edge rock guitar. I even insisted on playing Ibanez guitars for a long time. Tolerated a stretch of hair rock, before one day I got turned on to …And Justice For All and discovered an entirely superior musical style Heavy Metal. I made a gradual transition from disliking the Cookie Monster style to relishing it. AND THEN CAME SLAYER. Today however, its anything. Any Gender. The Bottom line is if it’s executed well, I like it.

Steven: Amazing What was one of the first concerts that you attended?

Dutch Rosenberg: Clash of the Titans at Red Rocks. The. Best. Show. Slayer supporting Seasons, Anthrax supporting Persistence, and Megadeth supporting Rust In Peace. The Bands would rotate order for each show, and on this one, Slayer was the headliner. Did I mentioned this was at Red Rocks? Best venue to see a show. Thank God I switched circles of friends from Rock to Thrash, but for that reason, I was a late-bloomer for the good music.

Steven: When did you first want to be in  a band?

Dutch Rosenberg: Had a buddy of mine back in High School  where he & I would dink around with guitar & vocal, but that was more so we could get attention from chicks. Later I formed Hellven with Clifford Shorb now of  13Down. Didn’t do a lot of auditioning for other acts, because frankly, there’s just not a lot of good stuff out there at that time.

Steven: When did Hellven first come out?

Dutch Rosenberg: 1998. The Band releases 4 individual EP’s with artwork that you could assemble and form a maze. Result? A disgusting flop. Later things improved. 2001 saw the release of our first “real” EP, entitled Realm of the Lost Souls which included crowd-pleasers like “Exalted” and Disge.”  In 2004, we released our first full-length album, Born Into Brutality, and in 2008 we released Divine Dichotomy. Then I took a newspaper into the bathroom and recorded myself taking a big ol” shit.

Steven: Where did Hellven Tour?

Dutch Rosenberg: Which time? Which hangover? Ugh. The list goes on LOL. The FINEST memories I have are where you meet people who just do it because their heart tells them to. Hellven has toured the states 2746 times. For real, DOH. My accountant has been keeping track.

Steven: Why did Hellven decide to Retire?

Dutch Rosenberg: “When it’s time, it’s time.” Cliff was picking up momentum with 13Down, Roadkill was talking about  joining the military,  Dave had extenuating circumstances and I just needed a break. We’re all still on good terms, though.

Steven: How’d you come up with the name “Dutch Rosenberg Theater?”

Dutch Rosenberg: It’s a rip-off of the old “Ray Bradbury Theater” which was TV show on the USA network back in the 80′s. It would always open with Ray Bradbury himself stepping into his office, which was loaded from wall to wall with ridiculous crap. He would then sit at his typewriter, look around at all the crap, and be inspired into writing something. It was kind of a “window” into the mind of Bradbury. I found  it to be an apropo band title, since I write all the songs and govern all the band’s movements and such.

Steven: Who is apart of the group?

Dutch Rosenberg: Myself, Durdy Jones on bass, Lee Schipper on drums, and Dave Terry on guitar.

Steven: When will the group make their much anticipated debut?

Dutch Rosenberg: This year, for sure. Look for things to get stirring in the autumn. 

CHECK OUT Dutch at:

Dutch will be at HANNEMANFEST 2014! Friday, January 31st at Joe’s Grotto! $10 tickets, $13 at the door. 21 & up, doors at 6pm. He will make an appearence with Sounds Like Murder!


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